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Disable automatic killing in task managers

Seriously, do it.┬áThese can cause unpredictable problems with apps like this. Also I think you’ll find that TaskBomb doesn’t really hurt battery life much.

Use media player apps that keep playing when you leave the app.

Some media players stop playing when the screen turns off or you navigate away from the app. You may notice this happening when you schedule something to play using TaskBomb and then the screen shuts off after the defined period (30 seconds, 1 minute, etc).

Use a file manager that returns standard “file:///” URIs

ES File Explorer and Astro File Manager are both good choices. Some file managers (like OI File Manager) return URIs that are specific to that app, which means if you uninstall that file manager, any URIs for files that were picked with it become invalid.


After updating an app, test tasks that use that app.

It’s rare, but sometimes developers make changes to an app’s public-facing activities, possibly causing shortcuts to those activities to be affected.

Try not to rely on only one app for waking you up.

This way if one app changes it’s not such a big deal.