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Action type, data, and activity

These three things are the fundamental building blocks on which to run tasks. Each option narrows down the choices you have in the next option; some action types don’t use data and some do, and activities each take certain types of data.

Available action types

  • VIEW – Basically means “Open” a piece of data with a certain app.
  • MAIN – Simply start an app. For example if you have an internet radio app that automatically plays your favorite station when it starts, you can start it with MAIN as it doesn’t need any data passed to it.
  • STOP – This is an action type created especially for TaskBomb. You won’t find many choices for apps if you select this action type, but you’ll want to check it out if you’re using some of TaskBomb’s add-ons.
  • Shortcut – Run a shortcut in an app. Shortcuts can be for many things, like navigating to an address or playing a playlist. You might have seen shortcuts when long-pressing on your home screen.

Duration Settings (optional)

  • Stop action – An action that runs at the end of the duration, or upon pressing snooze or dismiss. Should only really be used when the task may stop early (snoozed or dismissed) otherwise a schedule should probably be used instead.
  • Default task duration: The default length of time until the stop action runs. The value here will be pre-filled in as the duration whenever this task is selected.
  • Stop action duration – If the stop action is a schedule this will determine the difference between its START and STOP times.  If it’s a task then this will determine amount of time before its stop action runs.
  • Snooze enabled: whether or not you want snooze/dismiss offered for this task.
  • Snooze length – The length of time that this task will run again after snoozing.


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