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Schedules have items specified using relative times.


START and STOP are times that are unknown until the schedule is run.  START is when the schedule was started.  STOP is when the schedule will stop; just add START + schedule’s duration.  This could change though if the schedule is snoozed or dismissed, resulting in two things:

  • Stop actions are run for any items in the schedule that have started but not completed. This is because for these items their stop time has just been changed to now.
  • Any future items are canceled. This is because they are now illegal due to their stop times being before their start times (see the next section).

Duration settings (optional)

  • Default duration: The default length of time between START and STOP.  The value here will be pre-filled in as the duration any time this schedule is selected.
  • Snooze enabled: Whether or not you want a snooze/dismiss menu for this schedule (accessible through the Android notification bar)
  • Snooze length: The length of time that this schedule will run again after pressing snooze.


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