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Does TaskBomb drain the battery a lot?

No, it’s very light on the battery. TaskBomb isn’t the type of app that stays running as a service all the time; it only runs when it’s actually doing something.

Why can’t I install TaskBomb to the SD card?

TaskBomb falls into one of the categories (apps that set alarms) that are advised not to allow SD card installation. All of the add-ons however are able to be installed to the SD card.

Can I add an icon to run a task or schedule from my desktop?

Yes. You can create a shortcut to a Quick run, with a specific delay and duration if desired. Long press on your desktop, select “Shortcuts” and then “Quick Run.”

Will you ever add GPS toggling capabilities?

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be possible for third party apps to automatically toggle GPS since it’s regarded as a privacy threat. From what I understand there was an exploit that some apps were using to get around this, but since Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) they patched up this hole.

One thing I did discover though is that leaving GPS on doesn’t necessarily hurt battery life much. If there’s no app currently using GPS to get a location it’s supposedly not really on (just enabled), as opposed to WiFi or 3G which is always active.

I don’t see TaskBomb in the status bar or in my process list. Is it working?

The way TaskBomb is designed, doesn’t need to run all the time. It uses Android’s built-in scheduler so the app only needs to start when it has an action to run. This helps it remain very battery efficient.

How do I close an app using TaskBomb?

Unfortunately since Android 2.2 (Froyo) it’s not possible to do this; apps can no longer be reliably killed by other apps.

So is there any way to schedule music to stop?

Although there’s currently no standard way to stop media players (and they can’t be reliably killed) we can offer this simple workaround. Many media players can be stopped by telling them to play an empty file of the appropriate type (a blank mp3 file, a playlist with a blank mp3 as its only item, etc.)

For your convenience we have provided some of these “dummy” files in popular formats (Right click and “Save As…” to download):

Why can’t I play playlists I made in the “Music” app?

Apps like “Music” don’t create standard playlists you can use across many applications. What you really need is a PLS or M3U file like you would create in  iTunes, VLC, and other such desktop programs. There are also apps that do this I believe. Once you have an actual playlist file, you need an app to play it in, for example Just Playlists.