TaskBomb allows you to schedule tasks or groups of tasks ranging from very simple:

  • Play this song at 8:00 AM on weekdays.

to more complex:

  • Turn WiFi off when I go to bed (whatever time that is). [1]
  • 7 hours later, turn WiFi back on and start my morning wake up routine:
  • Start playing my favorite streaming radio station, or my second favorite one if that’s not available, or a local playlist if neither are available. [2]
  • Increase the volume gently over 3 minutes. [3]
  • If I’m still not up after 10 minutes, switch to a playlist of songs that are sure to get me out of bed.

1. Uses an add-on called Wi-Fi, Sync… Scheduler.
2. Uses an add-on called Stream Checker.
3. Uses an add-on called Volume Changer.

The more complex example doesn’t just do more things, but utilizes TaskBomb’s unique notion of relative scheduling to make the schedule easily reusable no matter what time you go to bed and wake up. See the tutorials to learn how to do some of these things.