Use TaskBomb and this add-on to wake up to your favorite online radio stream (Shoutcast, Live365, etc.) without the risk of the stream being down or having no service. You specify a list of streams to check in order of preference, or default to some other action if no streams are available. Supports streams wrapped in M3U and PLS playlist files, as well as direct stream URLs. QR codeScan or click

How to use

This add-on is basically a little app, but you don’t run the app itself. Once you install the add-on, “Stream fallbacks” will appear as a choice in the “Data” field of a task definition.

You can add any type of TaskBomb action to a fallback list, but only actions that play remote media streams actually undergo any testing; any other actions are just run when encountered. This allows you to tell it “try this stream, if it doesn’t work then run this action.”




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