This add-on adds SL4A scripting functionality to TaskBomb, allowing you to schedule scripts to run. SL4A is a very useful scripting environment for Android that lets you use scripts written in Python, Ruby, Perl, Lua, and other languages. Combined with TaskBomb you can do some very neat things. Scan or click


How to get started

Install this app and install SL4A using one of their tutorials. If you’re only using shell scripting, one gotcha we found is that SL4A only creates the scripts directory after you either create a script and save it from inside SL4A, or install an extra interpreter (like Python, etc.)

How to use

Once you install this add-on, go into TaskBomb and create a task. “Select script” will appear as a choice in the “Data” field. You then use the task’s “Activity” to select whether to launch the script in the foreground or background.

One thing to watch out for

Now that TaskBomb supports shortcuts, there are 2 ways to run SL4A scripts: running the script through a shortcut (this is similar to adding a shortcut for the script to your desktop), and running the script through the script launcher add-on. You shouldn’t use the shortcut method because a bug in SL4A can affect it. If you use this script launcher add-on, the bug won’t come up since a workaround was introduced in version 1.0.10 of the add-on. See this blog post for more info.



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