Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my recorded video and audio files?

They should be on your SD card in the “Color Sounds” folder. Also you can find the videos in your Gallery app.

Why does camera mode look all washed out or out of focus?

Sometimes when the camera first starts the focus or light level will be off. Try to leave camera mode and come back to it.

How do I reduce the file size of the recorded video?

Converting to most other video formats should result in smaller file size than the uncompressed FLV files the app produces. A great app to do conversion and editing on Android is Video Toolbox, which has a free trial/demo version.

How do I share using YouTube, Gmail, or another app?

Simply have the app you’d like to share with (YouTube, etc.) on your phone or tablet, and it should come up as a choice when using the “Share” feature after making a recording.

Do you have a Twitter account I can follow or a Facebook I can like?

Yes! Please follow on Twitter and like on Facebook.

What if I have other problems, questions, or suggestions?

Please send an email to