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Version 2.0 released

Color Sounds has been rewritten completely from scratch! The latest version can be found here. It contains many improvements and added features including:

  • Recording manual mode to a WAV file
  • Ability to change the scale (major, minor, pentatonic, etc.)
  • Ability to change the note range of each color
  • Greatly improved support for camera record mode
  • Also improved integration with other apps for sharing, playing, and editing the recorded video
  • Improved color analysis

If you like you could download the APK of the original version.

Color Sounds released!

Today I released Color Sounds, a generative music app that translates color into sound. There are 3 main modes: a manual step sequencer mode where you press to turn notes on and off (kind of like a Tenori-on or Monome but based on colors), a camera mode (seen below) which picks up colors from the environment, and a record mode that allows you to make a video of camera mode.

The app is experimental and still a bit rough around the edges. On some devices there are problems with camera mode, and even more with record mode. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.